The most popular way of generating our own electricity is to go solar. The good news is that the cost of solar PV panels has dropped significantly in recent years, thanks to the quantities that are manufactured today..

LED Lighting

The cost in LED lighting has also undergone a pleasing price decrease. You can change all your lighting to LED bulbs over a period of time, allowing you to choose when to do so. LED light bulbs range from 3w – 5w and can...


Inverters are crucial to smoothly running off-grid Solar PV Systems. In a nutshell, the inverter is the unit that converts the DC battery power to the 220v AC, which is what we need to run our appliances. There are two...


All batteries have a life span, so when we look at the options available for electrical storage, it’s important we consider what we want to do and as a result, how long it will be before we need to replace them...

Charge Controllers

Solar PV chare controllers are extremely important to a Solar PV system. The device fits between the PV panels and the batteries and is programmed according to the type of batteries...

About Us

Eco-Consulting was established in 2008, when Founder and Managing Director, Chris Davidge, first realised how important alternative energy sources are to our future.

Based on South Africa’s projected population growth, it was clear that the demand on Eskom’s available electricity supply, both from a business and residential perspective would escalate dramatically. Since no plans were in place to construct new electrical generation plants, coupled with the continued lack of maintenance on existing infrastructure, it seemed that load shedding and power outages were inevitable.

Chris, who is also Managing Director of well-known and established AV Designers, has been interested in off-grid solutions for many years. To this end, he has tested a variety of products and in so doing, has learned what works and what does not.

In his words, he has paid some expensive ‘school fees’ and undergone a steep learning curve with regard to battery management, solar PV and wind turbine generation as a means to reducing electrical bills.

This includes the fact that he has retrofitted his own home with a range of off-grid solutions. This includes two solar geysers with evacuated tube panels for water heating, as well as 5kw of solar PV panels with a grid tie inverter, a 1kw bi-directional inverter and a 5kw off grid inverter with built in MPPT. In addition, he has installed two small wind turbines. This has given him the ideal opportunity to continuously monitor that amount of energy being used by various appliances. He has also installed timers  to reduce the amount of energy used when particular appliances are idle.

He can therefore share knowledge and information with you, as well as assist you with customised solutions that will suit your particular circumstances and situation. Whether you want to reduce your footprint, or would like to go off the grid completely, he’s the man to call!