LED Lighting

The cost in LED lighting has also undergone a pleasing price decrease. You can change all your lighting to LED bulbs over a period of time, allowing you to choose when to do so. LED light bulbs range from 3w – 5w and can easily be swapped with a 60w or 100w incandescent light bulb. This form of lighting offers two different colour temperatures, so if you want warm white light in your lounge or bedroom, choose warm LEDs, while it’s probably a good idea to consider cool white LEDs for your kitchen and work areas.

One of the major benefits of LED bulbs is that they can last for up to 50 000 hours. That said, it’s definitely worth buying good quality LED bulbs. Those LEDs that seem to be a real bargain, are usually made using cheap components, with the result that the driver circuit powering the LED is far more likely to fail earlier than it should do so.

If you were to change 10 of your old 50w incandescent downlighters to 5w LEDs, you will enjoy a power saving of 450w and, if they run for 5 hours per day, you will be able to save up to 2.250kwh per day.


Imagine how much you can save on your electricity bill if you change all the lights in your house to LED bulbs. And that’s not all! It will also reduce the demand on the battery power required if you’re running your lights off your solar system.