Charge Controllers

Solar PV chare controllers are extremely important to a Solar PV system. The device fits between the PV panels and the batteries and is programmed according to the type of batteries used for that particular system. These could be Lead Acid, Gel, Flooded, or Lithium Ion/Phosphate.

The solar controller makes sure that each battery type is charged correctly and, if you have MPPT (maximum power point tracking) they ensure that they are able to source the largest amount of energy as possible from the PV panels.

There are three types of solar controllers:

1. Simple 1 or 2 stage charging control. These do not fully charge your batteries
2. PWM (pulse width modulation) uses varying pulses to charge the batteries
3. MPPT (maximum power point tracking) produces up to 30% more power than PWM.

As you can see from the above descriptions, there is no doubt that an MPPT solar controller is the best option, as well as offering great value for money.